Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some from yesterday and today

Last nights Sunset

Awesome clouds

Purple Martins in the RV compound.

Went to Galveston today and these were hanging out at the Ferry launch.

None of the birds here were affected by the oil spill over the weekend.

Lots of oil booms were out and the clean up boats were every where.

They didn't waste any time getting out to get the oil up.

One of the big skimmers.

They left nothing in the water.

They are all clean up vessels.

Some Gulls following the Ferry.

He was tired of flying and landed next to our car.

An Osprey carrying a really big fish.

Stopped by the Railroad Museum .

Historic Marker for the Museum.

They give rides in the Summer on the scale models.

Lauren will talk to most anyone or did she think it was me.

High water mark from Hurricane Ike inside the old station.

A better idea of just how high the water really was inside the station.

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