Sunday, March 16, 2014

       Another week has raced by and just where does the time go. The weather here has been a roller coaster of up and down with some frost added in for good measure. Yup, that's Spring here in south East Texas. Thing are really greening up and wild flowers are coming up every where, I will take some pictures this week. This area of Texas  is finally out of the three year drought that still has much of the region still listed with some severe areas in the North part of the state. The change of drought status has allowed the Refuge to burn off some of the fields that had become well over grown for the last few years and it is really something to see. The need for the burns is mainly to control invasive plants and to add much needed nutrients to the soil. The Fire crews are extremely well trained and they can start and then put out fires almost at will. The five burns this week were done and as soon as they had finished they were called to fly out and fight a wild fire in Oklahoma. You have to really respect their dedication. Being a fire Fighter for the Refuge System means you are called on to go wherever the need arises. That's the same for the NPS. Right now we have had a couple of thunder showers and the wind is ripping through here which makes our 68 degrees fell a bit cool and tonight back down in the low 50's . Hope your snow is finally melting.                             G

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