Saturday, August 17, 2013

   We went for an evening ride on Mormon Row yesterday to see where the Bison herd had gone to. The first hunt day on the Refuge was Wednesday and the herd had just started to move here from  Yellowstone and it is said to be about 800 animals. The hunt is necessary to keep the herd down to a manageable number . Some disagree but that is a whole hot topic in these parts. Any way the first hunt was not very successful and all they managed to do was to move the herd back onto NPS land where they cannot be hunted. We were hoping to find a few Bison as we rode around and were lucky enough to find a good portion of them resting nicely on both sides of the road. We pulled off onto the grass on the shoulder and sat for almost an hour as they moved back and forth around us. We were so close at one point that one of the big bulls almost brushed our side mirrors . We were close enough to touch one, not a good idea but we noticed they have a rather pungent aroma and they make a very distinct grunting sound as they , you can only think, talk to one another. The communication between the Bison, especially the Cows and there young was very pronounced. The big Bulls on the other hand , there was no mistaking their loud snorts and grunts as stay away, she is mine and get away kid you bother me. Really something to see and hear. They say the herd will eventually wander back onto refuge land and one again there will be a hunt. But for now they are protected on the Teton Range and we hope will stay there a good long time.                    G

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