Monday, August 26, 2013

We once again spent our Sunday I Yellowstone and spent the day doing Geysers and hot pools. Some of the pools will heat to 2200 degrees ad when you stand by they the air temperature goes up 20 degrees.

Every pool has a different color and the reflections are amazing.

Looking out over Lake Yellowstone.

This hot pool is on the Lakes edge

Black Pool looks as if it has no bottom that can be seen.

One edge of Black Pool, love the colors.

A close up of the edge, the water is 20 feet deep here.

A few steam pots.

This geyser goes off every few seconds, better than Old Faithful , just not as high.

Just steaming away.


A really large steamer.

The black sand is really volcanic glass ground down.

Never stops erupting .

Bubbling away

Went almost to 15 feet each time.

Mineral run off into the warm stream.

Sulphur  deposits on the hot spring edge. 

Another angle.

The sign informs about a 7.5 tremor  here a few years back.

Just so beautiful.

The blue water run off turns yellow.

Another small geyser that deposits calcium every time it pops.

This goes off every 4 minutes.

And it's done again.

A final big pop.

A really hot bubbler.

A little rain and a Rainbow.

Loved the colors.

Our sunset this evening.

The sun dances it's way down.

The sky is almost on fire.

It's done.

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