Friday, August 23, 2013

               Our last weekend went by so fast that the next thing we know it's Friday again and have to try to figure out what we will do with our time this weekend. Any way we did go into Yellowstone last Sunday and we did get an early enough start to finally get to see Mammoth Springs . This section of the Park is the North Entrance and lies in Montana and is just loaded with many hot vents and mud flows that at times it looks totally unreal. There are so many in some areas that it looks like everything is on fire but in these areas it's just steam. When we started into the Park we knew we would see some smoke but it was just incredible as to how much there really was in the area. We stopped in the North entrance Visitor Center so I could get my NPS passport book stamped and tried to watch the visitor center film but could only sit there for a few minutes as the amount of smoke in the building was very thick. In these parts very few of the buildings have AC as it is usually quite cool here all year long but this year it has been different. The evenings still go down into the 40's but not so during the day as we have hit 80 everyday for the last two weeks. Even when it is not humid it is still warm. As we toured the Northern points of Yellowstone we saw many areas were closed and they were using them to stage the Fire Fighters and their equipment. There were Park Rangers set up in many of the turn outs to explain how they were fighting the fires and what areas were closed to the public. Many of the camp grounds that are normally full on weekends were shut down not due to the fires , but were closed to prevent more from starting. Some of the fires were caused by dry lightning but several were started by careless campers not tending to their camp fires. Not much you can do about this as it's human nature . Still we saw some more Awesome sights and hope to get back in at least one more time before we leave to go to the Beach in 5 weeks . Really looking forward to it. It will also start a new adventure as we will be helping out at the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge after our Beach week is over and that is where we hope to spend next summer.                                   G

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