Saturday, August 10, 2013

              We haven't been doing much traveling these past few weeks. Just local stuff. We have only seen about 5 percent of what's within 25 miles of us and each area is just beautiful. The herds of Bison are now on the back portion of the Refuge and it is really something to see. They won't stay for long as the 15th of August starts Bison Season on the Refuge and the first shot will start their migration back to Yellowstone where no hunting is allowed. The hunt is necessary to keep the herd under a 1000 animals. They are huge and beautiful and can eat like lawnmowers. They make the deer on the East Coast look like Gerbils .
             While we were hanging out we were waiting for the arrival of our new Grandson. Kelly and Gary became the new parents of Maxwell Anthony on July 31st. We are once again Grandparents and we are so happy . I know that they are excited and that everything will be well in their new family.
            We also had a visit from Lauren's Nephew Josh and his wife Lauren. They were on their way up to Northern Idaho to visit Lauren's Dad and made a huge detour to visit us . They brought along their Puppy Roosevelt who is just one huge dog. He is a big love muffin who just wants to love everyone. We were glad to see them as it had been almost five years since we had seen them in Vermont.                                                                                                                                                    
            We have fallen into a routine here and we are now looking forward to our next move to the Family meeting in Kitty Hawk in October.  It will also start a new adventure with the Alligator River-Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge in the Outer Banks.                                                    G

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