Sunday, April 30, 2017

Leaving is getting closer

A Sora Rail feeding along the Marshes edge .It's always really hard to get a good picture of them as they are hard to find in the marsh out in the open.

The Dragonflies are hatching out and are every where .

Lots of baby Gators are now finding their way into all the little water ways in the Refuge .

Avosets in their breeding plumage and Egrets taking it easy in one of the protected areas of the Refuge .

In this shot you can see how Red the Avosets feathers are in their breeding plumage.
Our RV pad Bunny , eating some of the little flowers .

Water Lilies in bloom every where .

Came across this little feller while out doing the salinity run .

So many flowers

One of the new salt water barriers going in on the refuge . It's replacing one destroyed by Hurricane Ike , 9 years ago .The local water utility here doesn't rush into anything here either. They control all the water resources in and outside of the Refuge .

A Redwing Blackbird hanging on for all his worth. We have had wind gusts over the last few days up to 50 mph. Last night we had some really wild weather with heavy rain and lot of lightning. Been without power since 3 AM. Local power company is trying their best .LOL , to get it back on. 

So many Cactus in bloom .

A big Blue Heron just looking good .
It looks like we will spend a few days in New Orleans on our way to Georgia. I gave us 10 days to go 980 miles so we can make several stops along the way to just kick back and enjoy.

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