Monday, April 24, 2017

April is almost history

Lots of Dragonflies are hatching out and they are everywhere .

The Water Lilies are starting to cover up all the smaller water ways and are becoming a major problem in the Refuge .But they are really pretty in bloom .

All the cactus are blooming and they are just beautiful .

A young Whiteface Ibis just starting to lose it's black feathers and the white feathers are coming in.

A Dragonfly for every plant .

The Cattle Egrets are getting their peach colored feathers and are ready to find a mate . They will nest here at Anahuac .

Wild flowers are coming up all along the roads here .

A Red Eared Slider just enjoying the warm days . We have been in the high 80's for the last few days .

The Roseate Spoonbills are moving into the Refuge in large numbers now that it's time to Rook here.

Just beautiful to watch in flight .

Was taking a few pictures of the Water Hyacinths and found a pair of Purple Gallinules turned up in the shot . They are just starting to migrate into the area .

A  Plover I think just hanging out by the RV pads .

A Yellow headed Blackbird turned up at our bird feeder the other day .

A Brown Thrasher feeding at our RV Pads .
So our time here is quickly coming to an end as we will hit the road on May 15th . We will be heading out for the Savannah NWR and should be there before Memorial Day weekend .

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