Sunday, June 18, 2017

Last of Anahuac 2017

On our last week at Anahuac we were buzzed at the RV pads by the Special wild pig team . They were to close for comfort for us .

On our way to the VIS one morning we were greeted by this little guy just wandering from one pond to another . Good thing it was early and no visitors had arrived yet .

On our last Friday Salinity testing day we were so happy to see more Roseate Spoonbills moving into the impoundments .

Always a favorite of mine .

As I do testing at some of the non public water control structures I do get to see so many of these little fellers .

Just waiting for a little fish to swim by .

You always have to be a little careful when walking around in the grass . I always wear my high rubber boots when doing the Salinity testing .

A Stilt just enjoying the day .

We have seen these Pelicans every Friday For the last 6 weeks. I guess they really like this spot .

Lots of little Gators being born right now .

They are so cute when they are this size .

We counted 12 in this group.

Just so tired

Such a face

After losing the Head Biologist at Anahuac while were there we got involved with the Relay for life in Winne Texas .Take a PIC with the Gator and make a Donation

Part of our display , our rubber Ducky flotilla .

Some of the Team

More of the team

 Waiting for the Survivor walk .

Everyone got to tell their Cancer story

One of the Baby Raccoon's from last year returns for an easy meal



Flowers are in bloom every where

A Red Ear Slider just passing me by in one of the ditches

Smelling the air and looking awesome .



the Lotus are starting to bloom in Shoveler pond


A Night Hawk doing what it does best during the day . Sleeping




Taking a bath

Some privacy please

Are you done , And so we leave Anahuac until next year

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