Sunday, July 31, 2016

Getting close to moving on?

More moms and little ones , Moor hens

Whistling Ducks and brood.

These ducks are really large.

some of the water lilies have yellow flowers .

So many Wood Storks.

Their numbers are growing every day.

A red eared slider taking in some sun .

Wood Storks in flight.

Found this beautiful  spider by the wash station where we need to do a little job.

Our last program on the refuge was with 25 inner city kids from Houston.

All smiles as we stop to take pictures as the birds from the marsh swirl above us .

As I sit and write this blog we await the arrival of a new /used slide motor . The big heavy slide with the refrigerator in it has given up the ghost and the replacement should arrive by the 15th we hope. So our arrival in the Outer banks has been delayed. Hope to be there by the end of August .

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