Saturday, August 13, 2016

Still in Anahuac

We have seen more babies this trip than ever before . We are still in Anahuac as we wait for the new slide motor to arrive and a little delay due to a minor medical issue with new meds.

A real large group of babies and mom looking out for them. With there being so much water on the Refuge this year the predators are spread way out and the ducks are doing very well.

Two moms and their combined group of junior little ones .

Just so many broods .

Just a new group of  little ones .

Looking for a meal and we came along ., so annoyed .

And off we go

Young Ibis resting on the mud flat.

Ibis and Egrets working the low water for some good eats .

A Stilt  creating a wake as it looks for some lunch.

Avocets working the low water .

Avocets doing the lets work together and get all the little critters in our path.

So many birds in one spot , such a noise as they feed . 

More synchronized feeding .

This group was so busy feeding they came really close to us .

I'll pose for one more picture .

So many different shore birds in one picture .

Wood Storks and Rosette Spoonbills .

So beautiful to watch as they move from pond to marsh to feed .

A Night Hawk in a very usual pose .

It's been a little warm here over the last few weeks . Each day in triple digits with areal feel of 115 to 120 . glad both AC units work really well . The main Refuge VC has been closed for over a month as the AC went down and it seems the contractor on contract can't fix it . Go figure , so they have to get another certified one before they can get it fixed .LOL

Another cattle drive through the refuge . They move them to different locations in the Refuge as they graze down the grasses.

This was a small group, only about 150 cows and young .

Yes , they still use men on horses to do the work .

Every now and then I question my love for a nice steak .

Wood Storks doing a dance and the Whistling Ducks and Ibis watch them .

Wood Storks and on lookers .

A Little Blue Heron has caught it self a real find . A large crawfish .

We seem to be having trouble getting it in the right position for the big swallow.

The crawfish really doesn't want to be eaten .

Still not quite in the right position .

Almost got it down.

A perfect ending , it went right down. There were 15 more pic's of the struggle and we just watched in awe as the process between the two took place .

One of my favorite birds .It's always lurking in the same area on most days .

And some times it just poses .

Lots of Juvenile Ibis just hanging out. When they are young they are all black and as they mature they loose all the black and turn pure white . So cool to see when they are in transition as they will be black and white in various mixes of colors.

The Refuges CaraCara pair just resting on the pole where the Vultures usually roost .

A Diamond Back water snake that I had to move off the main road on our way to open the VIS the other day . I picked it up with my pickers and it gave me a little tude as I think it has just eaten and was resting in the middle of the road . That is not an option here as most people here believe the only good snake is a dead one, That's why the mice and rats are so prolific in the fields here .  We hope to have all our little problems worked out soon and be on our way to the Outer Banks in early September .                                     G

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