Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It's rally hot in Texas and life still goes on.

My feet are just so hot

We have Wood Storks in shoveler  pond

Our best guest is there are right now about 175 of these just beautiful birds.

Watching them as they just do their normal is just way cool.

In flight the are just beautiful

Been watching this Heron for the last few months in the same area and never get tired of the action .

A night heron in their usual  you can not see me  pose .

One big ass dragon fly , the mesh you see is a quarter inch .

It's been so hot here the last month that the Gators have been all in cooler areas, at least 115 with the THI each day with nights in the mid 80's

My favorite Heron leaving as it hates to have it's picture taken.

Another mom and little one , Moor hen

Baby Greeb

There are millions of Dragon flies and they top every piece of grass and reed around the pond , just so cool to see .

So many flowers that it's hard to say just how many can you see on 33 thousand acres .

Oh yeah , we are still doing programs for the Kids , even though it's over a hundred degrees out, were walking the boardwalk on Shovelers Pond .

The Ibis rookery on the pond is so full of birds that the least amount of noise sends them in the air, I did enjoy raising my voice to do it .

Adding a solar panel to insure that the pond pump in the wood lot here runs more often . This has been a work in progress as no one here quiet understands the  way solar power works and for last three years I have been struggling with it and I hope to get the message through sooner  than later as they now believe me .

The pied piper of cattle egrets as the grass is cut they just love the bugs kicked up by the mower.

Our Raccoon babies eating our bird seed on their time out of the den.

Mom and four of the five eating and playing by the RV pad.

Installing the new Solar Stop signs in the Refuge .

As you can see Lauren shows a better face as we complete the jobs more than I do

Had to move this sign from the pole the stop sign was on as it was not visible under the stop sign? Who can figure that .

Whistling ducks are now every where on the pond and they are just so great to listen to.

Just looking for a few good bugs

Mom and little one

See I really can walk on water.

Thousand of Lotus Blossoms are still in bloom.

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