Monday, March 2, 2015

Is it March already

The Gulf all stirred up on McFadden Beach, a sister Refuge to Anahuac

Some shore Birds work the rough surf

He was happy that it hit 78 degrees when we took this shot

An Ibis looking at his reflection

Cow and Geese working on the same grass

Snow Geese mucking

A Blue Heron taking off

A female Shoveler caught taking off

A Snowy Egret  working the edge of the pond

Roseate Spoonbills are moving in in large numbers now to start nesting

A male Shoveler and his mate looking for a nesting spot

A Coot pile up on the boat ramp on a windy day

Flowers are coming up every where

No respect for those who move a little slow

My wings are a little damp so let me rest here a bit

One Moorhen giving the other the what for.

The spring birds are coming in

Lots of Ibis over the moist soil unit

You have to wonder who is in charge of the board they are standing on

Just awesome

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