Sunday, February 22, 2015

Time really is moving fast.

A Pelican taking off. he looks like he is running on top of the water.

There are still around 5000 Snow Geese here. they must have heard about the bad weather up north

Really have gained a new love for the Vultures

A Coot giving us the bird eye

A baby Red Eared Slider. It's the size of a half doller

A Osprey enjoying a fish for lunch. We see him almost every day on the utility pole.

We have flowers popping up every where now. We are still getting a few cool evenings but most of the day temp are now in the 60's and 70's.

Lots of colors

Sunlight through the feathers is just awesome

Watching hundreds of them is just mesmerizing as they soar on the warm air thermals and make it all look so easy.

The Muskrats have moved back into the Refuge and are eating their way through the reeds and water Lilly's  which is a good thing.

The Gulf taken from the Sea Wall in Galveston yesterday. You should have seen all the surfers out for those 6 foot waves.

The fishing pier was not busy . Most days they are elbow  to elbow .
The Gulls had hunkered in along one of the jetty's

A Great Tail Grackle riding the ferry with us

The Gull frenzy as they work the prop wash behind the ferry picking out the fish as they are forced to the surface  Riding the ferry to Galveston is always a pleasant rest after a day spent exploring .

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