Sunday, February 8, 2015

We tried to do some goose banding and other stuff

A little blue Heron and a Snowy Egret

The Cattle Egrets are coming in now.

A new baby is born.

A Red Tail watching us taking his picture.

We were all set to do some Goose Banding. Got up before the Sun rise and had the net and rockets ready to go , the only thing missing were the Geese. They are really smart birds . So it was time to do a demo as you cant leave primed Rockets in the launchers.

Up goes the net.

The rocket is really a heavy piece of pipe and with three of them pulling the net it only take a split second to get the net where it belongs.

Lauren helping to reset the net.

Many hands make quick work of the net reset.

An Otter crosses the road at Shovelers Pond. We were pretty far down the road. A better camera lens one of these days. He came up from the right and did some back scratches on the pavement and then moved down into the pond.

A controlled burn on the land next to the Refuge got a bit out of hand.

The fire burned well into the evening and gave us this sunset

A Pied-billed Gebe trying to swallow his fish

Sunrise yesterday morning

As the sun came up the morning fog rolled in.

Shooting into the sun with the morning mist gave this neat looking shot. No photo shop colors here.

One lone Brahma out on the Refuges hunt unit. Good thing it's Goose season.

A Great Blue Heron take the high ground on a Muskrat mound.

A pair of Ring necked Ducks on the Bayou . They are rare in this part of Texas.

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