Thursday, March 12, 2015

Maybe Spring

The roadside flowers are up every where now. The legacy of Lady Bird Johnson. Every road in Texas has flowers planted on the roadsides .

We went to check out one of the remote rest rooms and found the two stuck to the door. Trying to sty warm as we were in the 50's that day.

The Beach at McFadden on a gloomy day. It is always odd to see large waves on the Gulf.

A good day of hunting.

There was a north wind for several days and the birds started to congregate on the anti wave structures  in Shoveler Pond. 

The Rosette's and Egrets hiding from the wind . 

Time to move to a less crowded area.

After a couple of days of North wind . This is East Galveston Bay looking from the Refuge Boat Ramp. Normally there should be 5 feet of water here.

We have never seen this area without water.

Mother Nutria and baby on the edge of Shoveler Pond.

Mom taking a few minutes to groom. Take notice of her yellow teeth. I been told that's normal for them.

Baby swimming away as Mom groomed. Just like all little ones making it hard on the adults.

A tree toad that Lauren saved from one of the bathrooms on the Refuge.

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