Friday, October 10, 2014

A little time off

The Kites were just so awesome and were a pleasant surprise for the week we had off.
While we were at Sea Scape for our annual end of Summer Family outing there was a Kite Fest in Nags Head. There were so many in the air that I couldn't get them all in one frame.

It was amazing the size of some of these kites.

These pictures just don't do justice to how large they really are. The tower in the back round is 50 feet tall.

The Crab and Octopus were neat.

Sunrise over the ocean from our time share. You can be sure that I did not take this one, Lauren did.

The Dragon was huge.

We took some of the family to Pea Island and we were side tracked at the turtle pond.

Just a few of the Turtles giving us the feed me eye. It's funny because the refuge does not feed them and there is a sign saying do not feed . You know how that goes.

A view from the Dune in front of the Visitor Center.

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