Friday, October 17, 2014

Travel Channel and Such

We were watching the Travel Chanel last August and one of the clips was about and old tale of a Witch being burned at the stake in a little town on the Outer Banks.

So off we went yesterday to try once again to go to Ocracoke Island. It once again was a failure as the Ferry's are now on a limited runs and as the locals have a go to the head of the line and they are doing some kind of work on the Island so when 3 20 ton trucks get on first everyone else has to wait. To bad for the merchants on the island as not many tourists can get out their, OH Well . Shame on the NC Ferry System. On the other hand we did do some sight seeing.

This is the base of the Cora tree. Said to be over 200 years old.

It's huge and the local association built the road around the tree to preserve it.

So as the story goes the witch was tied to the tree with her baby and as the locals were going to burn her the weather went from clear to a black sky and as it darkened the baby turned into a black cat and a bolt of lightning struck the tree and the witch was gone and the only thing left was the witches name was burned into the tree. Look hard and you can see Cora still in the bark.

A little easier to see Cora.

We also went to Museum of ship wrecks of the Atlantic down in Hatteras by the ferry landing. This is one of the lighthouse lenses from one of the many old sound lighthouses.

One of the Civil War markers from the Museum grounds.

This trip was a pleasant change from our Wednesday when we helped with a school program with almost 500 2nd grade students . It was a great day but very loud and busy.

We found this marker on the site of the local town center. What was interesting was when we looked at the back of the marker we saw a Civil war first happened on this site.

How neat that where we were standing on site of the first major amphibious landing from he ocean by US troops.

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