Monday, September 15, 2014


We have had our fair share of thunder and lightning as of late so it was a nice surprise to see a Rainbow appear. Over the last three weeks we have had only two days where we haven't had some sort of rain or thunder . Even with all the rain and wind we haven't had a day of temps below 80 at night and the days have been in the high 80's and the Ocean temps in the mid 80's. Really steamy.

I couldn't get a clear picture of both ends but it was complete. This happened after one whopper of a lightning storm that dropped 5 inches of rain in two hours. It was amazing that nothing flooded by us.

Another great sunset and what's odd is it had rained all day here and then the Sun came out just in time to allow a great sunset.

We Volunteered to do the First Friday Program in Manteo and we had a good time talking with some of the Local Patrons. There were a few of the local Politicians on the campaign trail and it was a hoot listening to their take on what's going on locally and in the nation and how things are affecting the local economy . It was also a great people watching evening because you get to see what a little drink can do to some folks conception of what cordial conversation really is, the more drink the louder they became and the incoherent thought trains that were wrecking everywhere. Made for a very entertaining evening. 

How often can you take a picture of yourself and some Turtles at the same time. These Turtles are on the Refuges Boardwalk in a little pond that about the size of a small swimming pool. At times there are up to 20 of them all looking sad and saying feed me. The Refuge doesn't allow feeding but we all know how that goes. The reflection on the water with the sunlight streaming between the floor boards makes for a cool picture . It looks like lines drawn on the water.

An odd picture to post but this was the first time since we have been here that the only car in the visitor center lot was ours. Things have really slowed down here since Labor day. Most days the lot is full wit cars parked on the grass and on the shoulder of the road.

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