Friday, May 2, 2014

We don't know where the time is going any more. I have been taking lots of pictures and putting on the machine but each time I go to do the Blog I get side tracked and nothing happens. A couple of times the Blog wasn't there and at least once MSN didn't turn on so as the days pass so goes all concept of the number of days that have passed. So far this season we have seen a little over a thousand school kids from Kinder to 5th grade and it has been a real hoot. Some of the little ones just want to hug you and hold your hand to the ones that are so smart they try to correct you as you are talking. the sad part is every now and again they are correct. So be it , you can't know it all and if you do you need to just listen any way as they may still teach you a little. We still have a few more programs to go and on Monday  we will be the last of RV Volunteers here. We will be all alone in the evening on 35,000 acres. It would a little lonely but we have the cows and coyotes to keep us company and several thousand migrating birds of all kinds. It's awesome. We leave here May 27th and will be heading to Pea Island Refuge. Looking forward to spending  the Summer on the Outer Banks of NC. Gary keep sending those shots of you and Max, they are great.                 G

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