Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some Pics from the last few weeks.

This is how they seed and feed the rice fields in this area.

He can turn it in an amazing close turn and come right back. He lands on really short run ways in the middle of the fields and two days ago on our way to open up the VIS we were driving down FM1985 and Lauren was watching him make a low pass and you could see his face as he was at eye level with the car. Gives you a whole new respect for small plane Pilots.

One of our resident Night Hawks. An odd bird as they hunt at night and then rest during daylight hours as if nothing else is going on.

Just passing by.

We took a little road trip to a refuge for as the sign may say Prairie Chickens. There are only 135 left in the wild on a 35000 acre Refuge so we did not see any of them but we did see some other cool stuff.

Lots of wild flowers were in bloom on the Prairie , about 35000 acres worth. It was just beautiful.

Lots of Butterflies.

The wings were going so fast they almost were a blur. 

Another view.

Just thousands of white and blue butterflies every where.

Not sure what this bird is but we saw hundreds of them.

The low bushes were just full of singing birds.

A Crested Cara-Cara watching us approach,

As he flew away we stopped and saw what he was eating. Two almost empty turtle shells lay below the post.

A Great Blue Heron trying to balance on the bush in the wind.

A Purple Gallinule just plodding along and then he saw us. 

Off he went.

You just have to look at those great feet.

Just some water and some Lilly Pads.

A Scissor-tailed  flycatcher on the new fence in front of the new VIS.

He just new that this sign was put there for him.

One of the many Virginia Rails we have on the Refuge. People travel from  all over the World to try and see these birds.

Hunting in one of the many Moist soil units at Anahuac.

A Sora Rail . A very rare bird and its cool to get to see one.

Intent on a good sized piece of plant root.

I just wish I knew how this happens. It is very neat.

One of my favorite Red Wings just hanging out.

A good hunt once again.

The two Black-faced Vultures we have been watching for the last 4 months and we believe they now have a young one hanging out with them.

A few Red-Faced Vultures resting and drying out their wings, When we first saw them all three had their wing extended .

A Swainson's Hawk just resting on a limb and taking in the beautiful day.

A Heron hunting on Shoveler Pond.

This is my domain and I will just enjoy the view from my grassy perch.

A Scissor-tail passing by.

Ready for a landing with his tail opened up .

A Night Hawk with his eyes almost open.

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