Friday, May 2, 2014

This little guy just tried to blend in on the side of the Refuge rest rooms ad I think he did a good job of it.

A Purple Gallinule goes for a stroll along the shoreline .

I love his or her yellow legs.

These two Stilts have been together for awhile now and we caught them in a compromising position but I didn't take a picture, it would not have been proper.

A good shot of a Coot's large yellow feet, these guys can walk on top of the lily pads.

There is a May fly in the middle of this shot. Look for the light green head.

Just liked the look.

The mom Barn Swallow and her full nest of little ones.

Just pretty

Little ones waiting for a meal.

Mom arrives with lunch

Lots of mouths and more is needed

Some of the kids are still looking for more.

Bring more

Going a fast as she can.

Just think how many mouths full of mud and spit it takes to build this Cliff Swallow nest.

All fed and quite for now.

The condos are all full.

The Cara-Cara in the early morning light.

The Night Hawks are now starting to migrate into the refuge.

A controlled burn behind the RV pads.
You only need to look at her face and get the message , are you really looking at me, really.

This burn was on the back side of the Refuge and it was really going well and the plumes of smoke went for several miles. .  This area had not been burned in 6 years due to the drought conditions here and was long overdue.

A good fishing day.

It's hard to get the big ones down.

Still no luck.

It was a three hat day. We had walked the board walk to the center of Shovelers Pond and we saw a few hats in the water so I went for my bamboo pole and fished them all out. The ducks surely didn't need them.

Just drying our wings on a sunny day.

A White Ibis resting on a small island in the pond.

And then some company  arrives.

He is not happy about the friends coming to visit.

Then he made some cool sound and everyone left him to his little green space.

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