Friday, December 13, 2013

I was getting the camera ready for Xmas and forgot that I had pictures from before we left Pea Island so here we are with are. This Sail boat and what's left of the second one are two more victims of the Cape Hatteras Diamond  Sholes area.
From what we read in the local news the boats were bought at auction in New York and they were being transported down to Florida by just one person who fell asleep during  the night and he drifted into  the beach. the next day we has a north blowing storm and that was the end of the smaller of the two and we don't know what became of the larger one.

Another shot of the White Pelicans in the pond behind the Pea Island Visitor Center.

One of the big Snapping Turtles along the boardwalk behind the VC

One of the local Brown Pelicans

The Pea Island VC shot from the Sound side overlook

The Cape Hatteras Light House

A few of the Island Deer in the NPS campground in Cape Hatteras.

Our Christmas Tree. Merry to all and Happy New Year

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