Sunday, November 24, 2013

        We finally had the pleasure of meeting our new Grandson yesterday and what a joy to see him. Our Son and Daughter are looking great for new parents. They are weathering parent hood so well, good baby and a good approach to their new life. How lucky can a family be. We also had the pleasure of seeing our Granddaughter and her Mother at the same time. A really good day and to top it off there was a light dusting of snow in the evening that makes the world look all sparkly for the moment. This all made the trip back to PA a good reason. The weather here is just awful with high winds and temps in the teens. Woke up this morning to 17 degrees and the cold just goes right to the bone. In the ten months we were away my allergy's were barely noticed and three days back in the Valley and I'm back on the allergy meds. Such is life. Our family Doctor always said that if I wanted to cure the allergy's I would have to leave the Lehigh Valley. Now I'm sure she was very correct in that thought. While we are here we have a number of Doctor's visits and need to take care of vehicle registrations and inspections. Lifes little pains . We will get it all done with some time to see old Friends and Family. Will be back on the move right after Christmas and heading back South to Texas and much warmer temps. Unless some thing really outstanding happens here this will be our last Post for awhile. Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to everyone and to all a great New Year. Who knows what 2014 will hold for us all.                                  G

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our friends.