Monday, November 4, 2013

        We have been in low gear the last few days. We went to Virginia beach last week to Visit the family there and as always it was pleasant. We also visited one of the other Refuges up in that area, Mackay Island and it was OK, more wild life on the Marshes. We went there because the Refuge Manager we meet in Texas used to be in charge of that Refuge.  It has been real windy here the last couple of days so no beach time unless you wish to be sand blasted. It's OK as we spend more time bear watching. We have several large bears and a good number of the small ones. We never fail to see one on each trip out so it is fun just to sit and watch as they feed and move about . They have harvested about half of the five thousand acres they have planted here and are starting to flood some of them now to make ponds for the migrating water fowl that will start to move through the area here very soon. We have also been involved just a little in the Turtle watch on the beach and the baby turtles are really cute when they hatch out but they need some help from us to protect them from the ghost Crabs and the Gulls who think they are a good and easy meal.  As the number of nests decrease every year  they are trying to help rebuild the population by saving more of the hatching's and so they collect them and are releasing them right into the ocean to by pass the predators.                                                                                          G

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