Sunday, December 29, 2013

    Day two and three have been both wet and wonderfully warm. Yesterday we ended up staying in a little Mom & Pop campground outside of Severeville TN . We got caught up in some really slow traffic that blew and hour of travel time so we took the first sign for camping we saw it and it worked out OK. Besides it had started to rain and we had had enough travel by then. Tonight  we are just inside the Mississippi border off Interstate 59 at a really crappy KOA. OH well stuff happens. I'm really starting to not have much faith in that national chain. The only reason I keep that membership is that most of them stay open in the colder areas of the I 81 areas of Virginia . I can definitely say with out a doubt that none of the highway stimulus money has been put to good use yet. We have traveled on I 78, 81, 75, and 59 so far and they are terrible. I must admit that Alabama has resolved their road problem. They just put up a lot of signs that say Rough Road Ahead. No kidding, that's and understatement. In sections there was really no road surface at all, just lots of what could best be called rumble strips. Enough for now.                                              G

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