Sunday, February 21, 2016

Outside our door and New Orleans

Our little visitor come almost every day and just picks through the leaves and just gives our cats a little entertainment .

The feeder has become the meeting place for several groups of Cardinals who always seem to in the need for some easy pickings .

Just so brilliant in the sun.

Everyone waiting their turn at the feeder.

One of the females just hanging out in the feeder .

One of the little Warblers taking a rest on what was a really windy day here. One of the few as it has been in the 70's here with hardly a puff of a breeze.

We should have gotten a before shot of the old sign before we rebuilt and repainted the sign. the new one is sparkly and has no bullet hole in it. That won't last to long as we are really remote here.

Saturday was just so nice here, almost 80 degrees so we took a ride to New Orleans . Our first stop as always is the CafĂ© for some strong coffee and a few beignets . For those from the north they are similar to an Italian Zepole  or a French Donut .

While we were strolling we came across one of those run in your undies charity runs .

We ere standing where they had to turn and go back to the start and we did see some sights.

All shapes and manor of undress.

This little group received a round of applause as their head wear was totally wrong for a run.

After several trips to NO I have yet to have one.

There were so many street performers that at times I was hard to move through the main plaza areas.

The Iron work on the buildings is just awesome.

So many buildings , so many signs to read.

So many ferns .

Just building after building with awesome Iron work and decorations still left over from Mardi Gras .

And the sign doesn't lie.

Very true.

Just beautiful.

The end.

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