Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Mounds and some work

On our way over to Cross Bayou we kept seeing a sign for Frogmore Plantation so we finally stopped to take a look and found another Indian mound . It's on what was once 25000 acre cotton plantation . There is a little restored 19th century  cotton operation there , lots of cotton processing buildings and housing.

It's really hard to see the whole mound from where you can stop.

More mounds in a different area ,about 10 miles from Frogmore. This area was also cotton farmed and the mounds were pretty well eroded.

On another day we went south of St Catherine and found just how close we were to the Myrtles. It's listed as the most haunted house in the US ? We not sure of that but by the amount of people passing through there the day we passed through was amazing. Yes they charge a fee to tour the house.

The iron work is really nice to look at and it's spring here, there are many flowers in bloom already.

One of the many port areas that were on the Mississippi .

It also was one of the first rail heads in the South to move cotton from the fields to the steam boats.

A roadside sign we came across as we traveled along the road built on top of the levy along the river. Always amazed at the dates theses travels happened.

Church and Civil war history all in the same place.

Always looking for a meal. The little spider in the center of the pic did turn out to be lunch.

Upgrading the power at the check station at Cross Bayou .

Fixing a GFCI outlet at Bayou Cocodrie . Those pesky little fire ants seem to be able to eat almost anything they want.

Repair done and not even one ant bite, so happy.

Relocating and upgrading the power panel at St Catherine's to be able to light up the storage area for the heavy machinery and install some outlets for the battery chargers.

If you ever get to Natchez this is one great place to stop and have a bite to eat and an adult beverage.

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