Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snow on Pea Island , 2016 already

We awoke this morning to 29 degrees and a wind out of the NW at 17mph with gusts to over 30 mph. Not to say but just a little cool as last week we hit 80 here. The pic is a little blurred as the snow and sand was blowing in the RV's door as I took it.

So we went to open the VC at Pea Island this fine day and we had been warned that the road in the refuge , Carolina 12 had many icy spots and to be careful. Well nature had taken care of that as the wind gusted it not only blew the snow all over the road but was still putting down a really nice layer of beach sand also. No problem with traction on the road at all. So when I was setting up the scopes I saw that our bird watering system looked so cool with the ice hanging off of it. No birds to be seen any where or visitors.

The snow starting to build up on the VC ramp.

As I took this shot it's not fog but snow blowing side ways over the pond behind the VC.

When the weather was still nice here we had a visitor working the RV pads .We think it's a Kestrel and it has been hunting our area now for several days . Of course it just loves sitting on our dish because it is one of the highest spots here and the cats are just loving it.

Just hanging out and waiting for some movement on the ground . We have seen the dives and a hit or too on the little critters in the short grass all around us.

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