Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cat Island , St Catherines Creek and Bayou Cocodrie NWR

As we all know that right now that the Mississippi River is a little high right now. Only a little over 50 feet above normal and this picture is on the road leading up to the Cat Island Refuge. Only thing is the Refuge is about four miles from where this picture was taken and it's under about 30 feet of water , yes the entire refuge.

The Egrets love it just the same.

One of the projects we were shown was to see about a little repair of this bridge on one of the walking trails.

So after removing the dead fall and all the leaves we determined that there is just no way to do a simple repair. Total replacement is the key here.

Our resident Armadillo is just so cute and the cats just love watching it as it moves around the RV. 

This is the house on the Refuge where the washer and dryer is. As most of the area here at St Catherine is flooded the Black Face vultures have picked this area as their new roost area. 

They were not happy when we drove up the drive.

At a quick guess we figured there were about two hundred. I just couldn't get them all in one shot.

After a little bit they started to settle back down in all the trees around the house.

There is Spanish moss in most of the trees here.

It's just beautiful , when the sun shines through it, it looks like tinsel in the trees.

Our little visitor again.

The moon coming up.

This is home for the next three months. It's a little weird being under the canopy , but it keeps the acorns from falling onto our roof. It does however also kill our cell phone signal. Verizon is not very good in the area to start out with and the canopy doesn't help.

We have so many birds here and it keeps the kitty's very busy.

Yes, they are in pairs.

The Snow Geese are moving through Bayou Cocodrie  right now.

Hard at work .

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