Thursday, July 30, 2015

Clouds , Ghost Crabs , Ocean

We went to the Beach this morning and it was just beautiful. nice breeze from the South and at 9:30 it was already 82 degrees.

We have a storm off to the south and north of us and the sky was awesome. Clouds from two directions . All shapes and colors.

The clouds over the dune that's just behind the RV

This shelf cloud turned the sky black over us but there was no rain. We have noticed that by Thursday the beach looses most of the crowed. mostly they are all sunburned and looking for some sort of indoor activity.

Just sitting and enjoying the day so we always bring something to feed the Gulls. Today we had a surprise with a couple of Ghost Crabs. We knew they pick up bits of food we throw out but this really surprised us.

He came over and grabbed a full cracker and carried it off to his hole. just a small problem occurred when he got to his hole.

When it didn't fit into the hole he tossed it out for another try.

Grab the end here and lift , that should work.

Just a little more effort should do the trick.


A different approach.

No , same result

Lets try again, but by this time his neighbor came over and stole the cracker.

Darn , he has had the same result. You can only wonder what the first Crab was thinking.

It really should fit

He gave up so we went over and broke it up for him and watched for another 20 minutes as he carried each piece into the hole. Made us wonder just how deep the little one had dug down. We also put some cracker by the first ones hole and he also filled his hole . Just a hoot to watch these Crabs work .

Just one bird picture today. The surf was fairly calm as the wind is out of the South West and it keeps the waves really low.

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