Saturday, July 25, 2015

Birds , Bears and such

We went out to the Alligator River refuge and was lucky enough to see several moms and cubs .

And like all good moms when she saw us she took the little ones into the soybean field.

Sunset over the Sound

We have been witness to a really cool discovery of one of the great mass Purple Martin nesting areas on the East coast. Thanks Cindy.

This is still a little early in their nesting period but in two weeks there should be a hundred thousand Martins here.
Just a pretty Beach day.

Watching the Shore birds working the wash for some eats.


Gulls and Cheese Doodles , perfect together  .

If you have the goods they will come
A little out of order but we made several trips to watch the Martins

If you wander through enough Cemetery's you will find the neatest head stones.

This is a new marker  we found near the Aquarium parking lot in Manteo

Always a little history

A little more Civil War history in NC

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