Saturday, May 2, 2015

Just Pictures

A Roseate Spoonbill feeding in one of the Moist Soil Units on the Refuge

A Heron Taking Off over Shoveller Pond

We just love the Alligators!

Speckled King Snake

A Night Hawk resting

A Purple Gallinule

A King Bird

Stilts Dancing

Just happy

Wasn't just dancing

Love is in the air

They are just so mellow

Little wild pigs

Red Wing looking for a meal

Snowy  Egrets

An Asian Owl that was at they school program we did

A South American Condor at the same program

A Western Cotton Mouth

Water Lilly's in bloom
A Blue Dragon Fly

Green frog

The flag on the Galveston Ferry

We had Dolphins jumping along side the ferry

Lantana is in bloom on the Refuge

A flower mix

Lantana vines

A Cattle Egret in his mating colors

Love the Night Hawks

Baby Killdeer

A King Bird with his lunch

Don't know this bird perched on the Coral bean bush

A Red Eared Slider we moved off the road

Just happy

A Gallinule in motion

Egrets on the move
A CaraCara resting

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