Sunday, May 31, 2015

A little rain and a little sun

As we have had some rain every day for the last 27 days , all the ponds are full and there are frogs every where.

And as always where there are lots of frogs there are snakes hunting them.

He was just passing by on the hand rail where I was shooting the snake.

All the water plants are in bloom wherever there is some water.

Was washing the RV and this little one popped out from under the unit. We were wondering why our evening serenade of little green frogs had stopped.

It seems he didn't like to be hosed down with cold water so off he went back into the field next to us. A Rat Snake , no venom .

The moist soil unit across from the VIS .  Some young Roseate Spoonbills and Egrets.

One of the many Purple Gallinule around Shouvlers Pond

Went and visited one of the larger State Parks last week.

Lots of flowers every where.

A pair of Whistling Ducks enjoying the wet . They are the size of small geese.

Every where you look are flowers

And odd red one

Lotus flowers are in bloom all over the park

Just beautiful

Water drops on the lotus pads

We don't see a lot of deer in these parks so this was different.

Just resting. Also the reason there aren't a lot of deer in the park.

The cattle Egrets are every where right now. Their migration is off by a least 5 weeks due to the weather .

We were leaving the Refuge the other day and got caught in one of the many cattle drives that use the roads to move about.

                  They still do it the old way on horse back
Love their faces.

An Egret doing his part to keep the bugs off .

Some of the plants we helped with. They will help restore the Prairie that was destroyed during hurricane Ike.

A Night Hawk resting.

A Heron Fishing at the Refuge boat ramp.

A Purple Gallinule picking bugs on the pond edge.

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