Monday, June 2, 2014

   We left Texas in one heck of a rain storm as we found out later in the day that the area we were in had received over 10 inches of much needed rain. But dang it didn't have to come all at once. We managed between the rain drops to get hooked up and on the road with out to much effort or getting to wet ourselves as it was good planning on our part that we had done all the prep to hit the road the day before. We had made plans to stay in New Orleans for two nights and that worked out OK. We out ran the storm coming out of Texas and pulled into our RV slot with out getting wet. The next day to our surprise we awoke to a clear day and it was almost sunny. We headed off to the French Quarter and hit Café Du Monde  for their special treats and sat and watched the world go by for an hour of street music and people watching. Always a real treat when you are in such a beautiful place with no real agenda other than to walk and watch. We did well until the afternoon when the storm finally caught up with us and it was time to retreat back to the RV and enjoy the lightning and thunder as it rolled past us. We were once again at the Camp ground on the shipping channel and it was awesome to see all the goings on even in the storm. New Orleans has really come back and everything is under new construction or old renovation . Way neat to see it all as we have been through it each year since Katrina , wow. We traveled through that same storm on and off for four days as we would run through and get ahead and then have it catch up with us again. At some points we would have to pull off the road into rest areas as it was raining so hard you could only see a car length ahead. Once the storm moved to the north of us the trip was far more pleasant and we arrived today and have settled into our site which is just great and we are almost alone here as there are only three units in a nine unit area . I meet the Marine Biologist during set up and she is here to help with tracking the Turtle nesting areas and she said as of today there were still no nests to be found. It's sad as they should have been here a month ago. Probably to much change in the area over the last few years with the storms and all the damage to the beaches. Just got the computer back on line today , again had problems with a virus so I changed brands once again and everything seems good again for awhile any way.              G

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