Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pea Island

Another beautiful sunset over the our RV pad.

I know it has been awhile since I posted and it is just so nice here that we have been on the go .

We have put up a bird feeder here as it is OK with the NPS as we are sleeping on Park service land .

A few Pelicans flew over us as we are just over the Sand Dune from he Ocean.

Some of our feathered friends do their eating  dance

Some times there are six to eight birds eating at the same time.

Lots of coming and going.

Had a few thunder storms and some pretty good down pours since we arrived.

I was working at the outside table and she came for a visit.

As we have now seen even the Ghost Crabs seem to like the bird seed that has been kicked to the ground.

Birds and crab do the feeding dance.

On our way up to Virginia beach we discovered a little know Confederate Monument to one of the Regiments that fought in the Battle of Centerville. We finally discovered how Battlefield Road received it's name here.

This is where the Church stood when the Regiment was formed. The Virginia Grays.

The ultimate in cat lounging.

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