Sunday, April 6, 2014

         We have been keeping busy this last week and have taken over two hundred pictures so it takes time to go through them and weed out the bombs. Things are starting to come to the end here and some of the other Volunteers have already have left to go on to other Refuges and State Parks. The bird banding was not very successful this year and less than a hundred birds were banded. Between the really wet early Spring here and the depth of the water in the banding areas made the job very difficult at beast. There was also the out of date rockets to fire the nets and as you can always say if it could go wrong it did. There is always next year. Everything is now in full bloom and the Allergies are also in full force with the Vehicles covered in many different colored Pollens so a sneeze is always close by. We have been out and about to see the Flowers in the Chapel Hill area which is famous for all the Blue Bonnets .We also went to Washington on the Brazos and Independence Texas where they signed their Declaration of Independence from Mexico and started their path to what they are today. Found a few good places to eat out here in the last couple of weeks and had some of the best Soft Shell Crab I have ever had. Just rambling ,will post a few more picture.                          G

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