Sunday, April 6, 2014

This man is bellowing looking for a friend

Just enjoying the day

As the sun goes down.

This may just work out.

The Ibis looking good in his best feathers.

A small Blue heron watching the world go by.

A Stilt and a Cowbird checking out the bugs coming up in the newly flooded Moist soil Unit.

Just waiting for some thing to pass.

A look down the Inter Coastal Water way that runs through the Refuge.

Happy Gull

A Scissor Tail moving through

Another Scissor Tail

More fields being burned off to be readied  for planting.

A Heron ready to hunt.

The Purple Martins all nested in their new home.

Ibis flying by.

Lauren making some new friends.

Not as elaborate as Independence Hall in Philadelphia but it to got the job done.

Always a little Civil War in the mix.

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