Friday, August 4, 2017

A few more missed on the last post

We went to Fort Pulaski on the same day . I also forgot to mention we had a very pleasant surprise as our friend DR Amy drove up from Florida to visit with us . Those in the 6th PA will remember her .

This is a pre Civil War fort that saw a lot of action at the beginning of the war . Damage from the Union Artillery that pounded it for days before it surrendered .

More damaged areas .

The Moat

Tornado damage from this past May. the visitor center was severely damaged and is still closed .

The Fort entrance

A view of the inside from the upper gun level

A beautiful view of the river from a gun port .

And like most forts, it was used to hold captured soldiers .

One of the areas used to hold the soldiers .

A Spider wrapping up a Dragonfly caught in the web.

Pretty much done storing it's dinner

A little one just sunning

I'm just so warm and content
This time I'm really done . Darn pictures just keep coming . At this point I have 17 thousand and it is just over whelming at times .                                                                                                   GAR

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