Sunday, July 16, 2017

Savannah NWR and Parris Island

Once again if you want some local history , we go looking for a burial ground .

The town is now a dead end road with a Camp meeting as it's primary function .

But once again the history is not lost as long as folks like us keep looking for the real history .

The Old South still lives in these Low Country areas where time seems to stand still.

So many paths crossed here . Even though today there is no evidence of the importance of this little town.

Our ever present snakes .

Lauren hard at work. We were tasked with the YCC crew to remove the tin siding from the old garage that is going to be torn down.

A Swallow Tailed Kite going right over us on the Wildlife Drive .

Another week and a different group on a wagon tour of the Refuge .

Of course with all the wildlife to be seen in the Refuge , The Alligators are what all the little ones are just so happy to see.

We stop and the Biologist gives a talk on the Refuge and of course one of the big Gators makes an appearance .

Just letting us know I'm here.

Just looking over it's domain.

Much better on the marsh.

The Butterfly Garden by the Visitor Center .

And some Butterfly's to go with the flowers .

We finally managed to go to the Parris Island Museum and found much more than the Corp .

There was a really nice display on the first people to live on the island .

So many walls to read .

This picture was signed by the men who served during that action on one of their reunions at Parris Island .

If you want anything Marine Corp , this is the place to buy it .

It says it all.

Maybe I watch to much TV

Why put this in the blog?  It's for our brother, JB ..And...

Because most golf courses are for the birds. In this case , Wood Storks .

Just behind the review stand on the Parade Ground .

On the base of the monument .


We arrived the day before there was a Class was to Graduate . From civilian to Marine in 13 weeks .

We finally found the ruins of the first Spanish Settlement .Even then Parris Island was important .

Monument marking the first fort site .

Lots of history on this site .

And of course the ever present first Americans who were always displaced .

There is so much history in this area that it would take years to see all the historic sites here. . Besides it is so darn hot here it's just hard to explain . Having done some outside work on the refuge , we can't imagine how they can take average folks and turn them into the finest Soldiers on Earth in this environment .

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