Sunday, January 8, 2017

It's 2017

There are lots of wild pigs all over the Refuge right now. This one had two little ones with her but I couldn't get a picture of them.  When I stopped the car to take the picture they scurried under the fence                                                                                                                                                                                             

Just one of those god pictures .                    As you go through this blog the dates on the pic's are sometimes all over the place . Just the way I picked them out . There just for the joy of taking and posting them.

The Hawk migration is in full swing and there are all manner of Hawks in all areas of the Refuge . The Refuge system in this region has once again grown . The Refuge acquired another large section of the Gulf Coast with the purchase of Sabine Ranch . The land had gone up for sale and the refuge managed to out bid a developer with the help of several partner organization's to save the area .No more refineries or home developments in this area , just beautiful wetlands for the critters .

A Snowy Egret stepping out along Shoveler Pond . It has been nasty cold here the last several days with lows in the 20's . To dang cold for here .

How many ducks can sit on a piece of drift wood in Shoveler Pond ? There are literally thousands of migrating ducks resting up before they move farther south .

A big Blue hanging out .

We had a few days in the low 80's and all the Turtles came out to sun themselves .

Even the Gators were every where on those warm days ,

We had snakes all over the roads trying to warm up the other day .Not really sure about this one but by it's actions I believe it's a Mississippi Green Water Snake .

A little out of order but you get the idea that we went from the eighties to the twenties in a weeks time .

Just striking a pose

A Diamond Back Water Snake just looking at me as I take his photo

This guy had a real attitude and coiled up and jumped at me several times . As you can see there are no shots of that as I was moving back rather quickly  . These Yellow bellied Water Snakes are known for their bad tempers .

A American Bittern hunting along side of the Refuge Road

We watched as it had just  finished eating a mouse and now enjoying the day .

It almost looks like the Ibis is herding the Whistling ducks as they cross the road . There were more ducks on both sides of the road. These were all the baby ducks I had posted pictures of in the summer and now they are gathering to get ready for the flight further South.

I'm just so beautiful . A Cormorant striking a pose for me .

Do I need to groom some more . It appears all my feathers are in place .The  Coots are just a neat little duck .

A Muskrat grazing on the lush grass along the pond road .Yes there are other animals  on the Pond other than birds .

                                                                   Time to move on . Just too much attention for one day .                                        Well it's another year on the road and it has been an up and down journey . Most of our health issues are behind us and we are looking forward to new adventures this year . We will be leaving here in May and going to Savannah Georgia to the Refuge there for 14 weeks and then back to Pea Island . Looking so forward to moving around again. Hope you all had a Great New Years Eve and hopes for a really awesome one to come.  G

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