Saturday, September 10, 2016

Our back yard

The Ranchers' cows have taken to sleeping by our back gate to the RV pads .

Once again the Spoonbills are just loving the Rice fields .

They are so neat to watch as they feed ,

A Cormorant drying it's wings after diving for lunch .

This  is the first full size Gator we have seen in over a month. They really don't like the hot weather either.

This Hawk dropped into watch the Blackbirds work our feeder . It just hung out for a half hour and then just flew away .

Nature at it's best .

So many cows and so many Egrets .

Just a little conversation between friends.

A Big Heron drying it's wings and enjoying the sun.
Still in Texas awaiting the hospital tests for Lauren on Monday and Tuesday. Then we will figure out if we are moving to the Outer Banks for the rest of the year.

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