Friday, June 17, 2016

Babies and such

Waiting for some more rain . Our view from the Visitor Information Station.

Just some thunder and lightning , no rain.

The first Bob White Quail I have seen in 50 years . They were 25 feet from the RV.

Our resident Bull frogs hanging out at the RV Pads.  Since I took this picture the little ditch they were in has dried out.

Walking on water again.

Moorhens and babies .

They are more than a dozen family groups on Shovelers pond right now .

All ages from just hatched to a week old .

Mom and dad are always near by.

Getting too tired to swim about.

Just too cute.

Wading by the Lotus field.

More little ones .

A Great Tail grackle trying to dry it's wings .

Passing through.

A Pied billed grebe and her one young.

Just so much green after 6 years of drought.

Just so beautiful.

Babies and flowers.

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