Saturday, May 21, 2016

May is almost gone.

The Purple Gallinule is always one of my favorite birds and their migration is almost over here .

The Herons are everywhere right now.

AN Egret moving on

I just love their yellow feet

Red wing Black birds are everywhere right now

The Refuge boat ramp under water and the birds are loving the peace and quiet.

A Killdeer sitting her nest by the RV pads

One of the Herons hanging out on a water control structure

A Red wing looking for love

A Laughing Gull warming his feet

Two Night Hawks resting on a dead tree out by the VIS

Roseate Spoonbills working the Rice fields

Just so beautiful

What a face, we were working in the same area and we made him a little angry.

Just making a comment as she was with the big guy.

A new sign goes up to keep those who don't know what a do not enter sigh means .

And there are some who say they didn't see it

A Dickcissel singing his song

A Raccoon hunting by the roadside

One of the many rabbits that keep our cats entertained by the RV pads

An Otter crosses the road in front of us at the VIS

Just awesome

A Ibis  hunting in the Pond

Some Cactus in Bloom

Ruddy Turnstones loving the flooded parking areas in the Refuge by East Galveston Bay

Lotus Flowers starting to bloom in Shoveler Pond

Grass cutting becomes a mobile feast for the Cattle Egrets

An Ibis gathering nesting material

A Redfaced vulture drying his wings

The water plants are all in bloom

Just working the bait fish up and down the bayou 

A Cattle Egret with nesting material

So happy

Thousands of Lotus Blossoms ready to burst

A angry Red Ear, I moved it off the road

Our RV pad Raccoon digging up the bird seed dropped from our feeder

A shore bird moving in the flood waters

A Crested Cara Cara  ready to hunt

There are thousands of Dragon Flies here

The warmer it gets here the more Gators are moving about

An Ibis in flight, the feather colors are just beautiful

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