Thursday, December 3, 2015

Just bouncing around

We finally got to go over to Ocracoke Island for a  visit. The Ferry line had been running around 4 hours all summer so after three tries this past season , we made it. The Banker Ponies are looking pretty healthy this year.

We always love seeing the Brown Pelicans . We did get to band some this season and it's just awesome to handle these really gentile birds. We will miss doing that next year as we will be coming back to Pea Island much later next year .

Did a visit to historic Jamestown and the first stop is always the Glass house. It was nice to see the Glass Blowers are back to making all the glass that's being sold in the Glass House gift shop. We had been there in the past and a good portion of the glass that was sold was not made there. Wish we could say the same for the other gift shops at the site.

With all the site work going on at Jamestown , it's nice to see that she is still at the entrance to welcome us back.

The church was open and for the first time ever there was a APVA fellow there to give a tour. It was interesting to listen to his take on what happened there as there was a number of digs going on and the folks doing them had a much different take on the events that took place there.

Lauren and our friend Emily back in what we used to say was our garden in Williamsburg.

For those of us who spent 30 years doing 18th century Living history the display on the courthouse green was sad to see. What surprised me was they were portraying the Yorktown siege time period and it was shameful. We did several large events there and they said they couldn't do ant more as their time period was the 1740's and not the Rev War period.
The Cross at the Museum where they now have on display of the skeleton that had been cannibalized.
The new permeate market by the Magazine , this is where the original one was located. It really does look out of place there.

The fife and Drum are as good as we remembered ,but the number of them is down 8.

Sitting in front of our old house . All I need is a beverage.
Sunrise at Pea Island during the Wings Over Water Festival . We did the morning welcome for all the birder's who arrived at 6:30 AM to do one of the many early programs that were offered.

A young Cedar Waxwing  that hung out by the VC for the 5 days we were on the Front Porch.

Having a little break between programs.

Lauren helping out with the Red Wolf Holing program. The Intern who takes care of the Wolves gives the talk and then leads a caravan of personal vehicles to a remote location on the Refuge and get the Wolves to howl for several minutes. It's very neat to take part as we were the last vehicle in the caravan and had to stop and lock the gates back up as we passed through. Very ,very dark on a night with no moonlight. For us we had heard the Wolves howl many times as when were evacuated to Alligator River when the hurricane was supposed to hit.

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