Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Bunny Tme

We have Bunnies every where.

This little one decided to do some posing for Lauren

Totally undisturbed

Just kept eating

A couple of Coots grazing the lawn around the VIS Pond

Flowers blooming every where as it has been in the 80's all week.

So many different wild flowers.

A mud bug mound or as the rest of us call them crawfish

There are babies every where

A pair of Gulls have found a real treasure as the tide goes out. A chicken leg left behind by the crabbers.

Some of the plants from the Prairie restoration project we have helped with this season are finally out side. We had helped with creating a nursery in one of the old office areas on the Refuge.

Getting the cow poo  and everything else off the GOV we have been using while we are here.

A Killdeer  Mom fussing over her nest which they just lay on the ground.

The eggs blend into the surrounding rocks.

A Sparrow uses my make shift bath

Didn't like his privacy being invaded

You just never know what you will see on the roadside in this area.

A American Bittern posing on the roadside.

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