Friday, November 21, 2014

Back at Anahuac after Livingston TX

After staying in Livingston for a bit we did some sight seeing in the area and came across this Reservation.

As it turned out they have a really nice camp ground around a large lake that is just beautiful.

A turn around Shovelers Pond at Anahuac was just so cool as it was covered with all manner of Water Fowl.

And of course it has been a little to cool here and this poor Heron  just looks miserable .

This Black Belly Whistling Duck beat the cold by sunning on one of the bulk heads.

Still one of my favorites , the Red Faced Vulture.

One of the thousands of Hawks in the Refuge right now.
The spotter  Float Planes the Refuge uses to do bird counts on the area where hunting is allowed to help regulate the amount of birds in the area.

While driving to the Refuge we were side lined by one of the many cattle drives that go right down the main roads in the area.

You just have to love their faces.

An Ibis looking for some lunch.

An immature Ibis on the left, they are black for the first year and then turn white and an Egret searching for a snack.

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